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OBGYN Care & Prenatal Care in Sarasota, Florida

Leichter Paul J. MD, FACOG is an OBGYN practice in Sarasota, Florida, that offers exceptional OBGYN and prenatal care. Get the compassionate service you deserve at our OBGYN practice today.
Woman Taking Birth Pill — OBGYN Practice in Sarasota, FL
Women's Wellness
Not only do we do OBGYN work, but we also provide primary care services for women, with a focus on total overall health. Our practice offers general care, preventative care, and OBGYN care, making sure patients are healthy from head to toe. We also check and maintain hormone levels.

Prenatal Care & Delivery
It's important to receive prenatal care. Statistically, prenatal care delivers healthier babies, healthier moms, and over all better general out comes. It's important to come in at 6-8 weeks of pregnancy to get an accurate delivery date. Our practice can also assist women who are holistically oriented, as we have a staff member in house who is knowledgeable in holistic health. We'll also discuss expected changes in pregnancy:
  • Body Changes
  • Weight Gain
  • Breast Changes
  • Dietary Needs
  • Food Cravings
  • Supplements
  • Prenatal Vitamins
Natural Hormone/Bio Identical Hormone Therapy
For women who are pre or post-menopausal and are experiencing issues with symptoms, we offer a solution. We perform a saliva test that offers us details on which hormones are lacking and which hormones are needed. Our ARMP, Ann, handles our Natural Hormone/Bio Identical Hormone Therapy services, and comes highly referred by the Compounding Pharmacy.
Preparing Medical Injection — OBGYN Practice in Sarasota, FL
About Us
Leichter Paul J. MD, FACOG came to Sarasota in 1978, and started practicing near the hospital. Later, we opened a practice near the interstate, making it easier for people to come to us. Dr. Leichter attended The University of Medicine and Dentistry, and he enjoys working with high-risk pregnancies and deliveries. He has a great intuition, enabling him to offer the utmost in quality care to his patients.
Contact us at (941) 921-5302 for more information on our OBGYN care and prenatal care in Sarasota, Florida.